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We understand the unique complexities that go into keeping casinos and their hotels gleaming at all hours of the day. It requires a partner that works with your management and leadership team to deliver strong cleanliness scores and a superior guest experience, improve your profitability and, in union environments, save valuable resources managing relationships.

With our managed services for casino and gaming customers, we take full responsibility of the department’s recruiting needs and compliance checks (background, drug tests and E-Verify, even where not mandated by law). We manage the department with a focus on efficiency and metrics, which we accomplish with our training, Quality Management Program, and Quality Assurance Program.

EVS / Gaming Area Cleaning

Where the action never stops, neither do we. The Service Companies has been providing EVS services to the gaming industry for over 15 years, cleaning over 1,500,000 sq. ft. of public area space each day.聽

EVS and gaming area cleaning is our specialty. We understand the importance of keeping gaming areas spotless without getting in the way of your customers while maintaining the highest levels of customer service. We work closely with your casino management team to ensure that all areas under EVS supervision are cleaned with minimum disruption and quality remains high, day and night.

At The Service Companies, we pursue excellence when it comes to providing our customers EVS and public area cleaning services. We will leave your public areas gleaming with 24-hour cleaning of the lobby, restaurants, casino, conference space, restaurants, gym, pool area, spa, bars and nightclubs. We ensure this with our training and Quality Assurance programs, stringent processes, and proprietary technology that sets operating standards.

Native American Gaming

The needs of Native American casinos are unique. The Service Companies is one of the few service providers with both the experience and ability to serve the largest Native American gaming facilities.

Inefficiencies, lack of productivity in non-core departments, and the struggle to maintain a consistently high level of service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week are frequent issues we see Native American casinos facing in their day-to-day operations. At The Service Companies we have years of experience driving productivity in Native American casinos, guided by our training, Quality Management and Quality Assurance programs and technology that holds our departments to a set of operating standards.


We have been providing overnight cleaning services to our casino customers since 2002 and have perfected the processes and procedures to satisfy our most discerning customers and their guests.

A well-run overnight cleaning operation is crucial to the success of every casino. With our set operating standards, we ensure that your gaming, public areas and back of house spaces are gleaming.

Our daily overnight cleaning services include cleaning of the lobby, restrooms, gaming areas, conference spaces, restaurants, kitchens, fitness center, pool area, spa, bars, nightclubs, and property-specific areas.


Whether your floors are tile, wood, carpet, vinyl or concrete, we’ll make sure that they look their very best.

The Service Companies is the leader in floor care for the casino and gaming industry. Our results prove it. We’ve spent years honing our technique and spend hours training our staff in the best ways to care for any type of flooring.




We specialize in marble care and restoration.

Our team of experts will repair any damaged marble via our three-step restoration process: diamond grinding, sealant application and buffing — guaranteeing a shine that mirrors the marble’s original luster. For each property, we start off with a full assessment of the floor types to determine a floor schedule and equipment needs and spec out the right chemicals and cleaning processes for all surfaces. To maintain the sheen, we polish the marble every day using either natural polish, crystallization or vitrification materials according to your preference and exacting standards.




Our stewarding team provides support to your hectic kitchens no matter how large or small.

When running a busy, bustling kitchen, it is essential to have a reliable stewarding team working side-by-side to support your kitchen personnel and keep it clean and orderly. Our expert stewarding services department, with our proprietary model, will make sure that your staff has the equipment that they need, when they need it, without getting in the way and keeping your costs in check. Our experience spans kitchens of all sizes, including those within large hotel and casino complexes.

In need of supplemental stewarding staff? Learn more on our Hospitality Services page.

Case Study

Casino in Tunica, Mississippi

Our expertise and superior quality of service generate positive shifts in service scores with cost savings.

Situation OverviewChallengesOpening ProcessResults

Situation Overview

Our customer is a 65,000 square foot casino with a 505 room hotel located in Tunica, MS. The Property is owned and operated by a large gaming corporation.

A Property leader had previously worked with our team at other casino properties with positive results, and in 2010, the Property reached out to us to provide managed EVS, Housekeeping and Stewarding operations.聽


The Property was struggling with staffing shortages and poor quality of cleanliness. At the time, the Property was ranked at the bottom of the gaming corporation’s properties for Casino and Guest Room Cleanliness. The Property leadership desired to achieve a higher level of expertise and cleanliness while saving money.

Opening Process

In November of that year, our team took over the Housekeeping, EVS and Stewarding departments utilizing a task force of 14 trainers with significant experience in each area. 155 Property employees transitioned to The Service Companies, leaving 20 open positions to be filled.

We inventoried and assumed equipment and uniforms, and deep cleaned the casino and other public areas to bring them up to standards. The deep cleaning process also served as training for the transitioned and new employees.

Housekeeping productivity standards were established and training was implemented to ensure productivity and quality standards would be maintained.


Guest service scores improved immediately and at the end of Q1 of the following year, Room Clean at Check-In and Overall Casino Cleanliness scores increased by 9.48% and 7.4% respectively Quarter Over Quarter. At the end of 2011 the property ranked in the top 10 of the gaming corporation’s properties for Casino and Guest Room Cleanliness.

Today, we continue to manage all three departments with a total employee base of 175. Guest Service scores and company ranking remain in the top tier of the gaming corporation’s properties, while saving the Property money through improved productivity and lower overall benefit costs driven by The Service Companies.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

We are experienced in keeping kitchens, equipment, tile and grout pristine for the health and safety of your guests and employees.

The Service Companies kitchen deep cleaning team recognizes the vital importance of meeting and exceeding Health Department codes and maintaining those standards at all times. The health and well being of your employees and clients, as well as the success of your business, hinge upon this.

Our team is adept at executing proper cleaning procedures on kitchen equipment and floors. Through our internationally renowned chemical partner, we remain at the forefront of cleaning techniques and procedures, while using the most effective and safest products.

Turn-key Housekeeping Services

We are the largest provider of turn-key housekeeping services to the hospitality industry in the nation, cleaning over 5 million guest rooms a year in properties of all sizes.聽

In our turn-key housekeeping operation, we are responsible for every aspect of managing and running your largest, and most complex department: cleaning hotel rooms and hallways, providing turndown service, managing equipment, and completing scheduled “deep clean” room maintenance. Each housekeeping department is led by a seasoned Housekeeping Executive and is backed by a team of highly skilled attendants and quality assurance inspectors. This full-time property manager is no more than two levels removed from our executive team and ensures that our housekeeping department works as an extension of your team.聽

Laundry Management

Our laundry management services help your housekeeping department run more efficiently.

Ask any Housekeeping Director and they’ll tell you that effective laundry management is a key factor to ensuring housekeeping runs well. The Service Companies will manage your laundry and linen contracting service or on-site facility, making sure to maintain the appropriate inventory levels from day-to-day, week-to-week.

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